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07 января 2023
The Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora wishes you Merry Christmas!
  • January 27:
    Khibla Gerzmava with a NPR concert conducted by Vladimir Spivakov. House of Music. Moscow. 07.00 pm.
  • January 27:
    Concert of Luka Gadelia "Birthday of a Genius! Mozart Gala". Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. Moscow. 07.00 pm.
Quote of the day
  • Abkazian proverb
    Can’t be an Abkhazian without Apsny.

Important date

  • JANUARY 30 (1533):
    Day of the victory of the Abkhazian arms near Gagra over the aggressor (the initiator of the invasion Mamia Dadiani, the rulers of Mingrelia and Guria).