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16 мая 2022
Zaur Tarba became the champion in Russian Football League
Quote of the day
  • Abkazian proverb:
    Mind is the host, knowledge is the guest.

Important date

  • May 21 (1864):
    Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Caucasian War.
  • May 21 (1921):
    declaration of Independence of the Abkhazia SSR.
  • May 21:
    Cultural Diversity day.
  • May 23:
    Day of the Holy Apostle Simon the Canonite.
  • May 24 - 27 (1917):
    revival of the autocephaly of the Abkhaz Church at the congress of the clergy in Sukhum.
  • May 28 (1930):
    Abkhazian Institute of Language and Literature was established.