About the project "Mountain Abkhazia"

The author of the project is Tengiz Tarba.

 The goal of the “Mountain Abkhazia” project is the desire to discover the beauty of the high-mountainous landscapes of Abkhazia, its unique and unique nature for a wide range of people.

Amazing mountain landscapes, deciduous and coniferous forests, alpine meadows, crystal sources of rivers, pristine waterfalls and lakes and this inconceivable beauty coexists in a world parallel to us.

During the four years of the project implementation, 32 expeditions were carried out in remote mountainous areas of Abkhazia, 750 km of mountain-pedestrian routes with a total duration of more than 160 expeditionary days were completed

Photo exhibitions of the project with the demonstration of video clips about the mountainous Abkhazia were held in the city of Sarrok (Italy), the Republic of San Marino and in the city of Tiraspol (Transnistria).

More than 140,000 people watched the video sketches about mountain Abkhazia and the video diaries of Tengiz Tarb on the Internet.

A joint Russian-Abkhaz project “Mountain Abkhazia. Seasons. ”, The purpose of which is to unleash the full beauty of these amazing places.

“Mountain Abkhazia / Seasons” is a unique Russian-Abkhaz project

According to the author of the project Tengiz Tarba, “we want people to feel responsible for the safety and well-being of the world of Mountain Abkhazia, discovering its unique and unique nature.

Mountainous Abkhazia is a wonderful world, untouched by civilization, a parallel reality, stunning with its purity and nobility. Mountain landscapes, deciduous and coniferous forests, alpine meadows, crystal sources of rivers, pristine waterfalls and lakes - this incredible beauty exists near us.

In the framework of this project - in winter, spring, summer and autumn of 2015 - the Tengiz Tarba team made hiking, horseback and car expeditions to almost all mountain areas of Abkhazia. They visited such beautiful places as the Tract of Agoura, Grybza Valley, Arbaika Mountain Range, Lake Adyuada.

A unique base of photo and video materials is being created for all significant natural sites of mountainous Abkhazia, the routes covered are described and plotted on the navigation map, a series of television programs, video diaries and a film about the project are being prepared.



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